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“How Easily We Remember”

Usually I write on honey bees, today I have thoughts that fly in a different direction.

We hear, “How Easily we forget “, and too often it is true. We do forget things and these “forgots”, are important things, that we ought not forget. “I promise I will always remember the way  you look today”, or we forget birthdays, names of old friends, promises, stories and yes even silly jokes. Today, I  had a different experience, I REMEMBERED…I remembered a post I had placed on my blog, in fact, it’s one of my favorite posts. No the post was not of my work, but  a celebration of another one’s work. Sitting here finishing up my work for the day I said to myself, “It’s amazing how a word or what a person does for a living can start a ‘spark’ and thrust you into remembrance. The memory may be of a book you once read, a line in a movie, an idea or even a past experience”.

You see in my line of work, I get to meet interesting people  from all different walks of life. What interesting stories I get to hear! Everyone has a story, especially if they have lived long enough to “remember when”. This next sentiment is directly to the folks I had the pleasure of meeting today: Thank you for sharing your lovely home with me today, I enjoyed meeting you and your beautiful family. Here is the post that you brought to the forefront of my mind today. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to say,  “How easily we Remember” . Thank you!!!!


-Santiago Wallace 12/08/2013

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December 8, 2013 - Posted by | apiary, beekeeping, Blog, Blogroll, Poetry, Uganda Honey, Uncategorized

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